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However far you walk, every step you take will help us move further, faster for everyone affected by brain tumours. Thank you!

By raising £100 per adult walker, or more if you can, you and everyone walking with you will make a life-changing difference.

Here’s what your money could do:

  • £100 could pay for a test to understand the genetic changes linked to brain tumour development, to help identify personalised treatments.
  • £150 could ensure 150 families receive a HeadSmart card, making them aware of the symptoms of brain tumours in children and teenagers.
  • £250 could cover the cost of giving 10 children and their families the immediate support and information they need after the devastation of a diagnosis.
  • £500 could cover two days of research for one of our leading brain tumour researchers, to better understand brain tumours and provide more targeted treatments.
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Your JustGiving page is a great and simple way to raise funds and for you to keep your family, friends and colleagues updated. Here are a few fundraising tips to help make your walk a success:

Upload a profile pic

Having a profile photo on your page can result in a 23% increase in page value! If you raise £100, that could mean an extra £23.

Share your story

Let people know what you’re doing and why, and you could see your total climb by over a third! It’s a great way to raise awareness too.

Donate to yourself

Did you know? Donating to your own page leads to an increase in income! Even a pound in the pot can help start things off.

Share far and wide

There are lots of ways to share your fundraising page and ask friends and family to donate – on social media, via email or WhatsApp, or by adding your page link to your email signature. Just watch your total grow!

Grab some publicity

Use our media guide and press template to contact your local paper and radio station and share your story. Don’t forget some snaps!

Share with fellow walkers

The Twilight Walk Facebook Group is a great place to share tips and experiences with others taking part. Join the group here and cheer each other on!

Planning on organising a larger walk?

With the easing of government restrictions, we know many of you will be looking forward to coming together in person to help raise vital funds and awareness to accelerate a cure. If you are looking at organising a larger walk, do take a look at our guide to make it as easy as possible. The Twilight Walk Team are happy to provide further support and advice too!

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